The Elder Scrolls Online – A Quick Beginners Guide

The Elder Scrolls Online ≠ Skyrim
While The Elder Scrolls Online is an exceptional game, if you go into it expecting Skyrim but multiplayer, then you’ll be disappointed.

Naturally it closely resembles Skryim in the sense that it has the same art style and is set in the same universe, but you won’t find the same playstyle you might have gotten used to in other Elder Scrolls games.

You won’t be able to run around killing NPC’s whenever the fancy takes you, and although you can still explore, the open world element has been toned back. Nor will you find an epic weapon just lying around anymore, as that would be a little OP.

The many Races of Tamriel

As with every other Elder Scrolls game, Elder scrolls online begins with character creation. In previous games your selected race might give you an extra ability or two, along with having a slight influence on your starting stats and game experience. In the end however you were able to play as you wished, and had the freedom to create and character you wanted.

Races in The Elder Scrolls Online are not quite so lenient however. You don’t simply choose what skills you would like to use at any time, you have to pick a character class and then stick with it, as each race is aimed toward a specific role. That isn’t to say that you couldn’t play an Elven warrior, but you would never be quite as strong as a Nord Fighter as none of your abilities synchronize with your class.

Don’t fret though, as you can reset your skills at rededication shrines for a small bit of cash, meaning you don’t have to forgo trying out that cool spell you’ve just discovered because your race says so.

Tackling Combat

One point this game truly excels at is letting players mix up their fighting styles. It’s true that once you pick a role you’re stuck with it, but the traditional combat roles are extremely loose. For instance, just because you’re a tank does not mean that you can’t carry a staff of healing to help keep your allies on their feet. In essence you’re able to fulfil multiple rolls at once, which not only makes combat more enjoyable, but it also makes your character feel like a unique individual.

One useful tip is to start enchanting your weapons early, as the power spike they offer is invaluable.

Closing Word

Overall The Elder Scrolls Online is a truly different experience, and while one of the most enjoyable parts of playing a game like this is exploring the world, it’s probably best to stay close to your starting city to begin with. There are fearsome creatures out there to see, but there’s also fearsome beasts.

Many people seem to have an issue picking up this game and expecting it to be Skyrim with friends. Go into it expecting to find a new experience and you will thoroughly enjoy it, as in some areas it’s even better than Skyrim!

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