Is The Elder Scrolls Online dying or just getting started?

Despite getting off to a rocky start and receiving mixed reviews, the Elder Scrolls online has evolved and adapted to the point where it is now a power house of the MMORPG genre after just a few short years.

One of the main features the game has going for it is its non-linear series of quests, and the ability to travel where ever you like. Now this doesn’t mean you’re guaranteed to survive, but if there’s a dungeon you fancy trying out you’re more than welcome to give it a bash.

The open world style of this game will be familiar to anyone who has ever played an Elder Scrolls game before, and although this game doesn’t offer you quite as much freedom as is the case in previous Elder Scrolls games, the quests you can embark on consist of more than simply skipping through a bunch of text and going off to slaughter three boars.

Another key element which sets The Elder Scrolls Online apart from other games is the graphics.

Now, while there are plenty of MMO’s out there that I’ve sunk hundreds of hours into despite having graphics which belong in the 90’s, visual appeal is certainly a big part of Elder Scrolls.

While standing high up on a cliff admiring the valleys below you truly get a sense of awe, likewise there’s a grittiness to the art style whilst traversing places like the slums and catacombs which really gives the game a sense of reality. Something that is lacking from so many other MMORPG’s.

When it comes to questing however, it’s great that your actions have consequences and that some NPC’s will remember that you helped them out in the future, however with so many Quests to choose from they won’t all be exceptional, and some are flat out bad. That’s why it’s great that you can pick and choose which quests you want to do! Plus, certain quests can lead you down a path of character development which will result in you feeling a little darker and flawed, which is great if you’re looking for an immersive roleplaying experience!

Now when it comes to combat, the Race you choose to play has more of an impact than single-player Elder Scrolls games, however the fact that you can mix classes is a breath of fresh air, meaning your Tank can also double as the Healer if that’s what you need.

As you can see there’s plenty of reasons why The Elder Scrolls Online is not likely to die anytime soon, but one drawback is that grinding for gold can take many hours. Still, you can always buy gold online if you really want some better gear or a cool mount.

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